Reflection on an international day of the Girl Child?

15 Oct

Sometimes I get to discuss what some call trifles; although these discussions are sometimes necessary. I am not in favor of arguing with women about feminism, I respect postures but I admit I am often exasperated when they don’t see beyond their noses.

I must admit too, that before I did not consider myself a feminist. Maybe the reason is I had radical colleagues. However, I didn’t refuse it. I take very seriously Voltarie’s phrase: Respecting someone’s opinion to have them respect yours is a daily exercise on wisdom. The previous comment leads me to the following statement: Being a woman doesn’t necessarily give one gender awareness.

By my nature or familiar upbringing, I realized early that all human rights, both for men and women, are not given us by miracle but by constant effort, a daily struggle, a revolution of conscience. It’s very rare to find a social activist seeking to defend rights  they don’t need or put another way, rights for someone else. Thus, we fall in terms of separation, ideas that we believe only belong to a certain kind of people, as feminists.

I am not in favor of having one day for each thing: human rights’ day, women’s day, children’s day, environment’s day, and water’s day. Our mediated society is designed to remember that day and forget what happens to those issues the rest of the year. Today, I awake up with Bachelet’s message with a new memorial to my calendar: international day of the Girl Child.

I understand the political behind a day of the girl child; indeed, I understand the social aspect. However I do not understand the idea that we should overestimate the difference. Boys and girls, men and women, etc.

Indeed, I believe and support the struggle for equal rights but I’ve never believed that to achieve those rights we need difference and separation. We want equality, so we should behave like equals. Sadly, humanity is still far away from my previous statement and we need to be reminded every day days, and that irritates me.

This goes beyond simply spelling rules and preconceptions. It is not the word but its connotation; teachers should explain in class difference and equality. That’s where you fight the first battle in the consciousness’ society, not on differences and separation between the terms boy and girl.

Since childhood I have faced this discussion, in the personal situation it wasn’t easy because, despite my parents’ education, I lived the differences firsthand. In fact, they are still a subject of discussion and I always answer the same: if you wanted submissive daughter, you shouldn’t have educated me.

As recalled in her message, Michelle Bachelet, in charge of UN Women, there are still many practices that violate even the smallest girls’ rights, practices that defile the role of women in society, thousands of abuses on women and girls, and the marked difference between being male and female. Some things have changed, others have not. Still others simply fall into contradiction. Madam Bachelet, you have my respect, but I would not use this day to celebrate, but commemorate the girls child.

I often say that if you fight for your women’s rights, you don’t need to call yourself a feminist because you already are. This is given by our society, by the need to defend day after day what has already won and what is missing. By the end of Bachelet’s message, I like it. While there is a single girl child to defend in this world we have much to do and we don’t have the right to give up.

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